Tharinda Ehelapola


From: Colombo Sri Lanka

Contact Number: 071-1834769

APIs: All ideamart APIs

About Tharinda:

I am a graduate from University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computer engineering. I was the founder of Hackers’ club University of Peradeniya, founder of, 2nd Runners Up at GoogleIO Hackathon 2016,  Runner-up at Dialog App Challenge 2014  , ACES Coders v5.0 – 6th place. Currently I work as a R & D Engineer at Synopsis Lanka.

I have 57 repositories in github and contributed to few organization including WSO2, CodeLankaHack and Hackers’ Club University of Peradeniya. I am a blog writer. I have published tech notes and tutorials from different area including IdeaMart. I have worked with almost all the IdeaMart APIs since 2014. And also I have few active products in IdeaMart. I have applied IdeaMart APIs for different kind of projects such as iOT, Web Application(Web RTC), Android and used Java, Python, PHP, Android for ideamart app development.

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