Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply a new hosting request ?

You can apply under the below format and send it to
Connect Mobile Number : ####
Developer Name : ……
Developer Email : ……..
Development Language : ……..
Database Needed : Yes / No

2. How may I contact developer at ideamart ?

Dial 345
Email –
Sms – devsup <space> your email <space> your question  and send it to 77177

3. How may I get marketing approval ?

4. When will the revenue be remitted to my bank account ?

Between 13th – 18th of every month

5. How long should I wait to get an application approved ?

One day
      Note- you must put clear description to get an approval

6.Got error with LBS API what should I do ?

OLD Json body


New Json Body


Remove freshness and horizontalAccurancy

7.Problem with CASS API


Its not giving you correct respond when you send this json


Remove the paymentInstrumentName parameter