Ideamart Status

System Status

Dashboard will be down

Jan 21 , 2015

Dashboard will be down from 9:30PM to 11:00PM

Service downtime

Jan 3 , 2015

Due to core system update SMS,USSD,LBS and Charging Services will be unavailable on 2015-01-03 from 01:00AM to 05:00AM

Dashboard downtime

Dec 30 , 2014

There is (17:38PM) 2min downtime for user interfaces due to critical update

Connection timeout issue

Dec 29 , 2014

There is connection timeout issue for dashboard

Connect Issue

Dec 24 , 2014

Issue with Connect Login. Please use “Login User” or “Creat app for FREE” button on until we fix it

Scheduled Service Interruption

Dec 23 , 2014

Ideamart : Scheduled Service Interruption Allapps : downtime 1AM to 5AM

Ideamart downtime

Dec 20 , 2014

Ideamart downtime from 12:00AM to 12:30AM

System update

Nov 20 , 2014

System will be unavailable from 10:00PM to 10.05PM due to scheduled system update