Idea Apps

Mainly meant for non-developers with already created Applications. You can create an Idea App by selecting the application type best suited to your need.

Once your application is created, you can use the dedicated SMS short code to invite subscribers and start building an audience for your product.

What can one do with Idea Apps?

  • Create Fun based (Daily Joke), Educational Based (Marketing tip of the day), Information Based (Techwire) and Notice based (Cricket Score) alerts.
  • Use as a mobile twitter. (For public figures and opinion leaders)
  • SMS alerts to membership bases on various functions, gatherings and activities as fund raisers.
  • Informing of special events, quick notices and meetings alerts.
  • Poll / Vote (Including secret Ballot) on ideas presented.
  • Question and Answer sessions.
  • Gather feedback information from memberships or the general public.


Idea Pro

Idea Pro is a platform meant for individuals possessing software development skills. The developers are provided with FREE access to Dialog network’s APIs, to bring out their novel ideas and visions to reality, and could be monetized.

What can one do with Idea Pro?

  • A simple sales ordering system. (USSD based, Item list where one could order the quantities)
  • Sales feedback system where each message could be separated based on feedback provider.
  • Create a raffle draw and select winners.
  • An SMS based chat.
  • A quiz program.
  • Sell a product where a charge will be added to the Mobile bill. (SMS based purchase)
  • Create mobile based applications for the requirements of organizations.


All Apps

Allapps store is where Applications meant for public use are listed. The allapps store will display applications based on Idea Apps, Idea Pro based Apps, Android based Apps and JAVA based apps. Basically, any mobile based application could be uploaded to the allapps store for the public to download with the attached commercials​.