Status Codes & Error Codes

 Status Codes (Non Retryable)

Code Description
S1000 Process completed successfully for all the available destination numbers.


 Error Codes (Non Retryable)

Code Description
E1313 Authentication failed. No such active application with applicationId <application-id>, or no active service provider or the given password in the request is invalid.
E1303 IP address from which this request originated is not provisioned to send request to application <application-id>. Please use a provisioned system to send request or contact system admin to provision the new IP.
E1312 Request is Invalid. <specify_the_reason> Refer the Ideamart NBL API Developer Guide for the mandatory fields and correct format of the request.
E1309 Requested SMS service is not allowed for this Application. Please check the issue with Ideamart system administrator.
E1311 Mobile terminated SMS messages have not enabled. Check your NCS configuration in provisioning.
E1315 Cannot find the requested service SMS or it is not active.
E1317 <MSISDN> in request is invalid or not allowed.
E1328 Charging operation {operation} not allowed. Please check the NCS configuration.
E1341 Request failed. Errors occurred while sending the request for all the destinations.
E1334 SMS sent to <application name> application could not be processed as the message length is too long. Maximum message length allowed is <specify_max_limit>
E1335 SMS sent to <application name> application could not be processed as the advertisement message length is too long. Maximum message length allowed for advertisements is <specify_max_adv_limit>
E1337 Duplicate request.
E1601 System experienced an unexpected error.
E1342 MSISDN is black listed. Not authorized to use the application <application_name>
E1343 MSISDN is not white listed. Only white list numbers are allowed tosend messages at this state.
E1325 Format of the address is invalid. Expected format is “tel:94771234567″
E1331 <sourceAddress> is not allowed. Please use one of the values configured in alias configuration in the SLAs or send the request without <sourceAddress>, so Ideamart will use the default source address to send the message to subscriber.
E1308 Permanent charging error due <specify_reason E.g., Insufficient Balance>.


 Error Codes (Retryable)

Code Description
E1318 Transaction limit per second has exceeded. Please throttle requests not to exceed the transaction limit. Contact Idea Mart admin to increase the traffic limit.
E1319 Transaction limit for today is exceeded. Please try again tomorrow or contact Idea Mart admin to increase the transaction per day limit.
E1326 Insufficient balance.
E1602 Message delivery failed. Please retry.
E1603 Temporary System Error occurred while delivering your request.