Idea Apps

 Create an app within 5 minutes!

Here’s an option of creating SMS based applications without any coding and provides a means to easily communicate your message to the right audience. It could be to send a daily message, update your customers about your business developments or conduct a poll.



1)   Voting Applications

A voting application lets you create online polls where the registered users can vote for their preferred candidate or nominee or product.

E.g.:  – Voting in your favorite reality star

  – Vote to choose chairperson of Student Alumni


2)   Contact Applications

A Contact application can be used by subscribers to send request messages, express their opinion, send suggestions and feedback etc.

E.g.:  – Song Requests

 – Feedback on news articles


3)   Alert Applications

An alert application allows you to send quick notices, warnings and other useful or entertaining information to your subscribers at any time.

E.g.:  – Weather Alerts

  – News Alerts

  – Celebrity gossip


4)   Services Applications

A Services application lets you send messages to subscribers at a scheduled time such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

E.g.:  – A Fashion store sends messages on their weekly promotions to clients

 – Send in the Daily prayer times



Sign up and registration is free for application creation.

But the subscribers of your applications will be charged by Dialog for which you will receive a revenue share from Dialog. Charging to end user is as below:

* Applicable taxes to be added.

Type of Application Option 1 (for end user) Option 2 (for end user) Option 3 (for end user)
Voting Rs. 2.50 per sms N/A N/A
Contact Rs. 2.50 per sms N/A N/A
Alert Rs. 30.00 per month Rs. 2.00 per day Rs. 2.50 per day
Services Rs. 30.00 per month Rs. 2.00 per day Rs. 2.50 per day


Revenue Share

Revenue from IdeaApps application are split between Application creator and Dialog on a 70:30 ratio in favor of the application creator.