AngelHack Colombo 2016

4 years. More than 250 hackathons. More than 72 cities around the globe. We’ve seen it all. And from all of these events, we’ve noticed one thing: Anyone. Can. Code.

Age, race, gender, experience level, it doesn’t matter. Passion and dedication is what you need to create apps and technologies that have never been imagined before. Implementation and creativity are what differentiate you. Mind and skill are what conquer all.

Welcome to AngelHack’s 9th Global Hackathon Series, where Anyone. Can. Code.

50 cities competing for ultimate global championship making AngelHack the largest hackathon in the world. AngelHack Colombo 2016 is powered by Dialog Ideamart. AngelHack is the worlds largest developer ecosystem and Ideamart is a world renowned award winning developer ecosystem. 

Submission Deadline – 20th May 2016

Use below steps to register your team, inform about your idea and know about the exciting prizes.

Step 1 – Tell us about your Idea and team details.


Step 2 – Register your team in Event Brite by AngelHack Team.

Use Angellove promo code to purchase tickets for free for the hackathon.